Enter the Raffle 

This year I want to fly the WINNER and a friend to BERMUDA with ME ! Their flight and stay in a luxury accommodation paid for during carnival weekend.

The raffle ends in April and the Winner will be pulled from the ticket drawing randomly by the website. The trip is June 13th through June 16th because those are the dates of Bermuda CARNIVAL . You can enter as many times as you like too .

Informational Links:

Learn more about the safe, fun and friendly environment. 

Learn more about the event and what happens. 

Like to explore and swim? Learn about some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. 


Is this real? 

Yes, the raffle is real and you will be entering for the chance to WIN a trip to BERMUDA.

How many times can I enter?

You can enter as many times as you like. 

What is paid for if I win? 

The winner will get their 3 day roundtrip from the US to Bermuda flight for them and a guest to be paid for from June 13th - June 16th. Also the stay in a luxury accommodation in Bermuda for those dates. 

Do I need a passport if I win? 

Yes, Bermuda is a country that is a territory of the United Kingdom.

Will my meals be covered if I win ? 

No. The only accommodations will be travel and stay. 

Will Kaelyn Kastle really be my tour guide if I win?

Yes, if you win there will be a daily optional itinerary of things to do on the island. Kaelyn Kastle will be scheduled for 2-4 hours daily to spend some time, hang out and show you around.

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